Posted by: commonpoorwill | October 31, 2008

Can Birds Walk Backwards?

You may have heard the interesting fact that emus (a bird) cannot use their legs in a way that enables them to have backward motion. This is what we in the business call “walking”.

But what of OTHER avian beasts? Do they suffer the same affliction, or do they mock their Australian brothers by easily obtaining rearward movement?

This question has plagued me in my studies for nigh on ten years now, and I’ve had just about enough! It’s time to seperate fact from fiction and reveal to the world once and for all the truth about this commonly pondered question. You might consider this post a “cry for help”.

What of this Falconiforme of the Accitridae family? Can it walk backwards?What of this noble [i]Falconiforme[/i] of the [i]Accitridae[/i] family? [u]Can[/u] it walk backwards?


If you too have an interest in ornithology, please contact me via email at, or simply comment this post.



  1. Mr. Poorwill, I have to say I am impressed. In all my long years of studying feathered creatures, I have never come across one so audacious and revolutionary as you.
    This is a fine specimen of Accitridae, but never would I have ever questioned it’s walking abilities. This simply shows us ornithologists have an inherent weakness: Our minds are always in the skies.
    We should meet for coffee and possibly a cake at some stage to discuss your theories.

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