Posted by: commonpoorwill | October 31, 2008

The Paradoxical Beauty of the Flamingo

What comes to your mind when you think of a Flamingo? Perhaps it is the blinding sea of fuscia flashing across the African savannah in the gloaming, or the supple, sweeping curves of its neck (much like the body of a beautiful slender woman beneath your rough hands in the dark). Perhaps it is a dignified elder of the avian family, staring calmly over its flock like an ancient king surveying his mighty, sweeping empire. Or perhaps it is the bloody brutality of cold-hearted teenagers (most likely on the darndest of drugs), taking the life of a majestic beast from God’s hand and crushing it like a butterfly in the fist.

Many of my readers will have heard about the recent calamity that befell a 78 year old flamingo at the Adelaide zoo. Several teenagers, aiming to assert their masculinity no doubt, thought the shaming of this beautiful creature would be a “laugh” and a “frolic in the park.” Was their macho display a show of heroism? Or was it simply a demonstration of the cold, violent mockery that we so commonly see in high-school-aged adolescents today; the question barely needs to be asked. Since 1933, visitors to the zoo have been able to enjoy the integrity and poise of our particular hero, who after over 70 years at the zoo has been lovingly and accurately dubbed “Flamingo 1”. It would be a crying shame to see the once considered irrepressible pizazz of Flamingo 1 crammed behind the cold steel of captivity. However, this may prove unavoidable if teenager/Flamingo relations do not improve in the immediate future. Imagine that.

Now, we know that birds, Flamingos (esp. Flamingo 1) and pigs possibly cannot maneuvre in a backwards fashion, but…. Can We? Should we take a leaf out of the book of our avian brethren and predominantly move forward in order to obtain a future in which Humans and Birds can coexist (see below) proudly and happily together in H A R M O N Y?!  Think about it. Seriously.

Phew! I’m sorry to rant, but this issue and others like it really just gets [up] my goat.

We question the ability of birds to move backwards, but… Do Birds Question The Ability of Humanity to Move…


Love Digby 1

A true image of utopian society.

An artist's impression depicting true utopian society concerning humanity and flamingo.


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