Posted by: commonpoorwill | November 1, 2008

The BIG QUESTION: Now it’s YOUR turn!

As research kicks off in earnest here at Digby HQ, I suddenly had the fascinating notion to construct a survey to find out what YOU think concerning the ability of birds in relation to walking backwards!

So, yeah, here is that:

If you are able to take the time to attempt this short barrage of ornithlogicaly- and etiquette-based enquiries, that’d be pretty good. I feel the information YOU provide will help establish a human element to my work; a veritable patch of greenery upon the barren, stony faces of the sweeping highland hills of my research.

T.Hanks guys!

Digby 1


  1. went to take survey but was out of luck with finding it…will keep my eyes peeled for your research results…. bird lover

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