Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 9, 2009

Further Research in the Riverland

This is an urgent post. I am running out of laptop batteries but am desperate to convey some things which I’ve just learned while out in the sublime fields of Mannum. When enjoying a cornish pasty and a cool Farmer’s Union on a bench by the side of the glistening Murray, I found myself surrounded by a flock of predatory seagulls. They were hungry. After my chow I thought I’d treat them to the left-overs (although, as you might have guessed I did have an alterior motive). I decided to attempt to coax these avian beauties into backwards motion, but after several minutes my attempts “fell on deaf legs”.

It was a total failure.

Crushed and in tears, I crawled into the bucket of my red corvette and drove home. I staggered to this laptop but forgot the whole story, being too distracted by Arukitori, who was choking on a chicken bone. It was the worst day of my life.



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