Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 29, 2009

Eeeewwwwwwww!? A Mystery!(?)

omg! On the way to an ornithological talent show in Adelaide this week, I literally stumbled across a sickening discovery. Initially taking it for nothing more than a baby’s severed hand, I suddenly realised the grim horror and macabre tones of my find. Cruelly torn from its avian origins, the mutilated stump of an otherwise prime example of ornithological limbs glared back at me from the street. My worst nightmare realised before me, I whipped out my trusty disposable and managed to snap a few off before weeping tears of blood all over the bonnet of my otherwise untainted red corvette.

There's a mystery a-foot.
There’s a mystery a-foot!

Disgusted and in emotional turmoil, I instanly jumped back into my vehicle and sped home in a state of illogical panic to check on Arukitori. Thankfully, all of his majestic feet (there are 2, last count) were intact.

Relieved, I then wondered what species of bird this  totally gross foot has originated from. I felt deep regret for not taking the time to study it further; who knows what maneuverability secrets it could have yielded. My quest could have ended right there on the street!

One possible answer I came up with was that this foot provided evidence to suggest that the mythical “Dodo” is not as mythical as everyone seems to think. I bet this blogger would have some clues.

On a lighter note, the recording of Pornithology is coming along flappingly! Hopefully I’ll have a little treat for all you “Diggettes”  soon in the form of a single release! Oooh yeah!

For those of you left concerned after my previous post about the health of my darling Arukitori, fear you not!  The ironic situation of him choking on another birds…leg? Oh! More irony! Oh hee hee! Anyway, the dilemma was resolved, and Arukitori is in far better spirits than when he was not.


Digger 1



  1. Hahahahahahahahaha amazing I can’t believe I haven’t read half the posts on this excellent blog!

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