Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 29, 2009

Makin’ a Chill Cake

Today I decided to lay down my binoculars and beat the heat with some cookery. I had been eyeing off the Chill Cake at my local store for some time,  and decided the time was right. Unable to make an executive decision in regards to flavour of Cake, I bought both Chocolate and Rasperry cake mixes. I got carried away, I admit it. With with the hot weather and Arukitori’s recent poor health, I thought that a nice cool cake would make a nice treat for him. Feeling just a little frivolous to say the least, I even decorated the surface of my creation with a portrait of my beloved companion.

Thanks for being my Friend, Aruki.

Thanks for being my Friend, Aruki.



  1. chill cake was delicious though i felt a little uncomfy slicing into Aruki if you know what i mean….

    • I know what you mean there, Mandy! Although it was an appreciative chill cake, the surreal aspects of it did NOT go unnoticed!

      Imagine that! Eating a cassowary’s face! *shudders*

      Shame one of my research associates had to go and put his foot in it by putting his hand in it! He blew it! Big-time!


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