Posted by: commonpoorwill | March 8, 2009

It is an EVENT.

Thanks for being a true pal!

Thanks for being a true pal!

It is a birthday event at Digby Central (H.Q.? Homebase? Alpha Digby? I might have to have a vote on names at some stage)! This time, though, it is not Link’s (sorry, Link!).

Right from the beginning, this digger has been striding backwards by my side. His mighty legs sweeping him majestically across the plains of teenage life, through the dangers that these years bring, bringing him triumphantly to the moist banks of adulthood.

His infinitely lush mind continues to be an asset to our research here; he is constantly throwing up new ideas onto the collective table, and is always good for a giggle around the office.

If I may temporarily hatch from my hard, egg-like exterior scientist-person image for a moment, I would also like to say this:

Jamie is a human being, nearly as  close to me as my darling Arukitori; indeed, I view him like a brother, and love him SO dearly. Jamie, an artist has rendered an image of what he considers a trio of genetically altered cassowaries would have to say about today (see above).

In the words of myself, “Hope it’s a flappin’ good one!”

Congratulatory regards,

Digby, The Diggettes and The Busters from Mars

(Nick wasn’t around the office when we typed this up, he probably sends some regards too or something)


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