Posted by: commonpoorwill | June 26, 2009

Birds Are Different

One of the greatest joys of my role as a researcher/lab assist. is being able to interview all of our new birds (and their parents!). Recently my return to research has yielded many exciting discoveries, the least of which is NOT the fact that most birds are different.

As we can see, the whiskers of the poorwill define its distinguished features with the air of an aristocratic English gentleman. Indeed, it reminds me of my father in many ways: Noble, Expressive, Experianced. On the other hand, this cute panda bear brings to mind the adorable innocence and loyalty of my fair feathered friend, Arukitori. It should also be noted that the grooming habits of pandas differs from Arukitori, who follows a self and partner-grooming regime. 

The contrasting grooming habits of man, bird and panda. Cheers,



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