Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 27, 2010


Archithology(v.) The combined discipline of architecture and ornithology.

My tribute to Aruki.

I have decided that in order to continue moving forward on moving backwards, I need to acknowledge the death of my cassobuddy*. My first (backwards?) step was building a detailed, life size sculpture of the great bird out of chicken wire (my favourite kind) and papier mache. The opening ceremony was tainted somewhat by the invasion of an American sightseer (pictured above), who my grieving Diggers laid into with lead pipes in their grief-driven fury, but I managed to prize him free of their talons and explained the situation to him on the drive to the hospital, during which he broke down in tears of blood. This is getting to be a habit – perhaps it is a phenomenon specific to my red corvette’s passengers? I hope so.

This monument will forever stand outside Digby HQ; a memorial to a larger-than-life friend for all eternity, and beyond.


*Cassobuddy – (noun) A phenomenon pertaining to friendship between a Cassowary and an Ornithologist.


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