Posted by: commonpoorwill | February 3, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not


I’ve just had a snack, so to speak. Digby Central is having a bit of a clean out, and as I was going through my freezer, I found a long-abandoned chill cake (see a previous blong, Diggers!). My heart, initially, was slammed hard with a punch of memories, as I had made this cake for the late Arukitori, but soon the punch turned to a gentle, loving stroke, as perhaps a lover would slip their hand into yours, or perhaps how a mother would pat the head of her newborn son. So I decided to get down to business with this chill cake.

Removing the protective skewers I had installed, I allowed the cake to thaw for a few minutes before pulling out my steak knife and hacking myself off a generous serve. Anticipating my hunger, I gave myself a knowing look and cut another three slices. Before I could “digger” in, so to speak, my current guests, American husband and wife Clive and Scyther-Marie, stormed into my kitchen and snapped up my remaining pieces, retreating into the granny flat where I have been letting them sleep since the unfortunate incident at the dedication of my Aruki statue. I initially was fairly content at their presence and allowed them to take a happy snap of me, which I instantly regretted and realised I hates their guts. I want them to leave.

Enjoying A Slice Together





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