Posted by: commonpoorwill | September 22, 2011

Birds & Hats & You

“Can birds join the navy?” is the question I woke up to today, scrawled across my whiteboard. Who wrote it? I didn’t even ask. It’s a bloody great question, if you ask me. Which this person clearly did.

I did a quick google search, and the answer was a definite “what? what!”.





Cheers, absolutely. What you’ve just read is the team entry thesis from my new bird companion, Seasonal Registration. Seas0 has been scratching around at Digby HQ for the last year or so, quietly learning the ropes. He’s just like Aruki, only a bit different. 100 points for that. Great job.  Intrigued by his research question, I snuck into his bedroom and just trashed everything, then did a little research into the matter myself. Turns out, birds can’t join the navy at all. Who knew? Not the internet, that’s for sure. But they can definitely wear hats, small ones, or large, although the first option is preferable to most avians. Who knew? Me. I knew that.

Happy Birdthday, Seaso. Whatever. All the best with your future research — here’s a little portrait I knocked up to keep you refreshed through all the hard times that are bound to come to you as my ghost-writer/a part of my team:

Thanks for being my friend Seaso!

Signing off (going to band practice),

The Real Digg



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