Posted by: commonpoorwill | March 8, 2009

It is an EVENT.

Thanks for being a true pal!

Thanks for being a true pal!

It is a birthday event at Digby Central (H.Q.? Homebase? Alpha Digby? I might have to have a vote on names at some stage)! This time, though, it is not Link’s (sorry, Link!).

Right from the beginning, this digger has been striding backwards by my side. His mighty legs sweeping him majestically across the plains of teenage life, through the dangers that these years bring, bringing him triumphantly to the moist banks of adulthood.

His infinitely lush mind continues to be an asset to our research here; he is constantly throwing up new ideas onto the collective table, and is always good for a giggle around the office.

If I may temporarily hatch from my hard, egg-like exterior scientist-person image for a moment, I would also like to say this:

Jamie is a human being, nearly as  close to me as my darling Arukitori; indeed, I view him like a brother, and love him SO dearly. Jamie, an artist has rendered an image of what he considers a trio of genetically altered cassowaries would have to say about today (see above).

In the words of myself, “Hope it’s a flappin’ good one!”

Congratulatory regards,

Digby, The Diggettes and The Busters from Mars

(Nick wasn’t around the office when we typed this up, he probably sends some regards too or something)


Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 29, 2009

Makin’ a Chill Cake

Today I decided to lay down my binoculars and beat the heat with some cookery. I had been eyeing off the Chill Cake at my local store for some time,  and decided the time was right. Unable to make an executive decision in regards to flavour of Cake, I bought both Chocolate and Rasperry cake mixes. I got carried away, I admit it. With with the hot weather and Arukitori’s recent poor health, I thought that a nice cool cake would make a nice treat for him. Feeling just a little frivolous to say the least, I even decorated the surface of my creation with a portrait of my beloved companion.

Thanks for being my Friend, Aruki.

Thanks for being my Friend, Aruki.

Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 29, 2009

A Theological Consideration.

The Tasmanian Devil. I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not a bird! At all!” Obviously, guys.

So, how does this totally non-avian of beasts relate to our ornithological studies? Let’s find out.

Let’s face the facts: Climate change is the next big thing… in a terrible way! As our world continues to warm up each year, our beautiful fauna are dying out, and not even a chill cake can fix this. As for the Tasmanian Devil, it seems that nature has a bounty out on them; they are the peak of it’s hit list.

Genetic diversity, according to sources, has disappeared in this species, leaving them more vulnerable to debilitating illnesses, such as losing a limb. Old news, you say?

WARNING: Serious Content Ahead

Well, what if I were to tell you that apparantly this lack of genetic diversity was NOT limited to the likes of the devils? What if I were to tell you that, in fact, thanks to a previous global climate alteration, genetic diversity has vanished in many of our native specieses. This includes birds.

It strikes me that maybe this is the reason why birds are unable to attain backward motion, even though many other faunological specieses take it for granted: their genetic disability leaves them without this standard feature.

That’s certainly something to think about.

The Ice Age was not so forgiving (for certain specieses) as some movie franchises would have you believe.

Also I made a cake today. Pics up soon!

Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 29, 2009

Eeeewwwwwwww!? A Mystery!(?)

omg! On the way to an ornithological talent show in Adelaide this week, I literally stumbled across a sickening discovery. Initially taking it for nothing more than a baby’s severed hand, I suddenly realised the grim horror and macabre tones of my find. Cruelly torn from its avian origins, the mutilated stump of an otherwise prime example of ornithological limbs glared back at me from the street. My worst nightmare realised before me, I whipped out my trusty disposable and managed to snap a few off before weeping tears of blood all over the bonnet of my otherwise untainted red corvette.

There's a mystery a-foot.
There’s a mystery a-foot!

Disgusted and in emotional turmoil, I instanly jumped back into my vehicle and sped home in a state of illogical panic to check on Arukitori. Thankfully, all of his majestic feet (there are 2, last count) were intact.

Relieved, I then wondered what species of bird this  totally gross foot has originated from. I felt deep regret for not taking the time to study it further; who knows what maneuverability secrets it could have yielded. My quest could have ended right there on the street!

One possible answer I came up with was that this foot provided evidence to suggest that the mythical “Dodo” is not as mythical as everyone seems to think. I bet this blogger would have some clues.

On a lighter note, the recording of Pornithology is coming along flappingly! Hopefully I’ll have a little treat for all you “Diggettes”  soon in the form of a single release! Oooh yeah!

For those of you left concerned after my previous post about the health of my darling Arukitori, fear you not!  The ironic situation of him choking on another birds…leg? Oh! More irony! Oh hee hee! Anyway, the dilemma was resolved, and Arukitori is in far better spirits than when he was not.


Digger 1

Posted by: commonpoorwill | January 9, 2009

Further Research in the Riverland

This is an urgent post. I am running out of laptop batteries but am desperate to convey some things which I’ve just learned while out in the sublime fields of Mannum. When enjoying a cornish pasty and a cool Farmer’s Union on a bench by the side of the glistening Murray, I found myself surrounded by a flock of predatory seagulls. They were hungry. After my chow I thought I’d treat them to the left-overs (although, as you might have guessed I did have an alterior motive). I decided to attempt to coax these avian beauties into backwards motion, but after several minutes my attempts “fell on deaf legs”.

It was a total failure.

Crushed and in tears, I crawled into the bucket of my red corvette and drove home. I staggered to this laptop but forgot the whole story, being too distracted by Arukitori, who was choking on a chicken bone. It was the worst day of my life.



Posted by: commonpoorwill | December 30, 2008

New Field Research: There is a Bird in my Garage!

Hello readers,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been in upper Tibet performing some unplugged concerts about the elusive Tibetan Condor. For those of you who are interested, they went great! Much of my music has been compared to that of Nirvana and other supposedly “well-known” artists, but I can assure my fans that that’s a glaring falsity. To further drive the point nestward, I am proudly announcing the impending recording and release of my Unplugged Album, “The Busters from Mars present: Pornithology”. Get into it! I’m so excited, it’s really put a bird in my garage, figuratively speaking.

Oh! I mean literally! I had quite forgotten in the excitement!

There is a bird in my garage. (:D) A pigeon, to be precise (which I am). It has constructed a masterful nest, and I am hoping to hear the pitter-patter of little wings any day now… going backwards!?

Take a look:

My Baby(ies, in the future!)

My Baby(ies, in the future!)

All the best for the New Year folks.


Digby 1

Posted by: commonpoorwill | November 14, 2008

Exploding the Myth – The Aardvark!


In the last few days, I’ve repeatedly come across shocking rumours while corresponding with my friends on the street.

An Childhood Friend To Many (w/Matt Daemon...oops? Freudian Slip!)

An Childhood Friend To Many (w/Matt Daemon...oops? Freudian Slip!)


Urban Myth!!!!

Albatross? Not really! It is an Aardvark.

Albatross? Not really! It is an Aardvark.

Posted by: commonpoorwill | November 12, 2008

An Intriguing Notion.


I was sitting on the lawn sketching a frolicking seagull when I suddenly had this intriguing notion. I rushed inside, deciding it was too intriguing to not mock up.

Digby 1.

Posted by: commonpoorwill | November 1, 2008

The BIG QUESTION: Now it’s YOUR turn!

As research kicks off in earnest here at Digby HQ, I suddenly had the fascinating notion to construct a survey to find out what YOU think concerning the ability of birds in relation to walking backwards!

So, yeah, here is that:

If you are able to take the time to attempt this short barrage of ornithlogicaly- and etiquette-based enquiries, that’d be pretty good. I feel the information YOU provide will help establish a human element to my work; a veritable patch of greenery upon the barren, stony faces of the sweeping highland hills of my research.

T.Hanks guys!

Digby 1

Posted by: commonpoorwill | October 31, 2008

The Paradoxical Beauty of the Flamingo

What comes to your mind when you think of a Flamingo? Perhaps it is the blinding sea of fuscia flashing across the African savannah in the gloaming, or the supple, sweeping curves of its neck (much like the body of a beautiful slender woman beneath your rough hands in the dark). Perhaps it is a dignified elder of the avian family, staring calmly over its flock like an ancient king surveying his mighty, sweeping empire. Or perhaps it is the bloody brutality of cold-hearted teenagers (most likely on the darndest of drugs), taking the life of a majestic beast from God’s hand and crushing it like a butterfly in the fist.

Many of my readers will have heard about the recent calamity that befell a 78 year old flamingo at the Adelaide zoo. Several teenagers, aiming to assert their masculinity no doubt, thought the shaming of this beautiful creature would be a “laugh” and a “frolic in the park.” Was their macho display a show of heroism? Or was it simply a demonstration of the cold, violent mockery that we so commonly see in high-school-aged adolescents today; the question barely needs to be asked. Since 1933, visitors to the zoo have been able to enjoy the integrity and poise of our particular hero, who after over 70 years at the zoo has been lovingly and accurately dubbed “Flamingo 1”. It would be a crying shame to see the once considered irrepressible pizazz of Flamingo 1 crammed behind the cold steel of captivity. However, this may prove unavoidable if teenager/Flamingo relations do not improve in the immediate future. Imagine that.

Now, we know that birds, Flamingos (esp. Flamingo 1) and pigs possibly cannot maneuvre in a backwards fashion, but…. Can We? Should we take a leaf out of the book of our avian brethren and predominantly move forward in order to obtain a future in which Humans and Birds can coexist (see below) proudly and happily together in H A R M O N Y?!  Think about it. Seriously.

Phew! I’m sorry to rant, but this issue and others like it really just gets [up] my goat.

We question the ability of birds to move backwards, but… Do Birds Question The Ability of Humanity to Move…


Love Digby 1

A true image of utopian society.

An artist's impression depicting true utopian society concerning humanity and flamingo.

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